Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, known medically as adhesive capsulitis is indicated by a stiffness in the shoulder, limiting the range of its motion. The condition can occur when the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint stiffen due to scar tissue formation due to wear and tear, an injury or due to diseases like diabetes, stroke and so on. This makes the joint stiff and movement painful.

The occurrence of frozen shoulder is reported usually among women in post-menopausal age than in men. The treatment for frozen shoulder is based on diagnosis by physical examination. The doctor can detect the limitation of shoulder movement during the examination. X-rays can be done to ascertain that the movement issues are due to frozen shoulder and not a symptom of other conditions like arthritis.

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder
The onset of frozen shoulder can be prevented to a great extent by progressive and gentle motion exercises after surgery or injury. In mild cases, they are known to fade away by themselves. The treatment for frozen shoulder includes both non-surgical and surgical treatment procedures.

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  • Non-surgical treatment
  • The non-surgical treatment procedure for frozen shoulder include occupational or physical therapy procedures. They help in restoring motion and easing pain in most of the cases. The physical therapy procedures include administering cortisone injections or NSAIDs for reducing the inflammation or swelling in the joint.
    The therapy sessions involve muscle manipulation techniques by application of heat or massages which helps in softening the hardened tissues and hence ease movement. It may take about 3 or 4 months to regain the full range of shoulder mobility. The therapy sessions are followed by daily exercise training for wellness and recovery

  • Surgical treatment
  • The surgical procedure for treatment of frozen shoulder includes surgical manipulation under anaesthesia and arthroscopic release. The procedure involving manipulation under anaesthesia is done by stretching the shoulder capsule of the patient after sedating with anaesthesia. This helps in breaking up the hardened scar tissues.

Arthroscopic release is done in cases when physical therapy fails to bring about the desired results. Here an arthroscope is used to cut through the tightened scar tissues, easing the stress and enabling motion. After a few weeks of surgery strengthening exercises are to be performed for complete rehabilitation.

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