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Old people complaining about aching knees and difficulties in walking are not new and are very common now a days. Most of the people are troubled by meniscus problem and hardly gets realised. Injury to the meniscus might be the major cause for the troubles faced by these people.

What is meniscal injury ?
Meniscus is a part of the knee. Meniscus grows old as the individual grows old and finally becomes weak so that they become more prone to injuries. Even a very small trauma can be enough to cause an injury to the meniscus. Usually an injury to the meniscus creates acute pain and is almost always associated with difficulties in walking.
The major symptoms for a meniscal injury are acute pain, a delayed swelling, knee locking or tenderness to the knee joint.
Meniscal injuries are diagnosed by scans of the knees such as CT scan or an MRI scan.

Meniscal surgery chennai

How is a meniscal injury treated ?
Usually these kinds of injuries are treated by a laparoscopic surgical treatment. Partial menisectomy, is the method in which the damaged meniscus being taken outside and the torn part is separated before inserting. Meniscal treatment can also be in the form of a replacement. A meniscal repair is also used when injuries are formed in the meniscus. Depending upon the health of the person and the condition of the knee, the surgeon may reach a conclusion on the required form of surgery.

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